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What is Jason?

Jason lets you instantly turn any data, website, or API into your own custom app.

How does Jason work?

Jason works similar to a web browser.

While web browsers render websites from HTML,
Jason renders native apps from JSON markup.

All you need is a single JSON.
Your JSON is the app.

3 Steps to your own instant app!

  1. Write a JSON markup to tell Jason what to do.
  2. Load it in Jason.
  3. There is no step 3!

Jason in Action

You can tell Jason to do whatever you want, from network requests to native device features.

Here's a video recording of an actual usage:


First download the app, and try the examples

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What can Jason do?

  1. Display anything

    Have a data, website, or API you want to turn into a mobile app? You can dynamically fetch and render them by writing a JSON markup.

    Jason can parse any HTML, CSV, RSS, and of course JSON into native app.
  2. Control anything

    Have a device or server that has an API? You can remote control / interact with them by writing a JSON instruction.

    Jason can make various types of network requests, including regular network requests and oauth requests.


  1. Hello Jason
    Your first Jason client in 1 minute.
  2. Build a homepage
    Build your own homepage app.
  3. Interactive iOS client for your web app
    Are you a web developer? You can turn Jason into your webapp's mobile client, and share it.
  4. Mobile client for spreadheets
    You can program Jason to run as a client for anything, even your spreadsheet.

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